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Discount Boilers is the UK’s number one replacement boiler price comparison website, we currently help over 6,000 people find the lowest prices every month.

Using our great free online price comparison service you can quickly and easily compare heating installers that are in your local area and find the lowest prices.  Simply fill in the short form at the top of this page with your boiler requirements to start comparing prices online, it only takes about 30 seconds and it could save you thousands of pounds!

Buying and getting a new replacement boiler installed into your home is not your everyday purchase. In many cases people have to purchase the boiler at a time that they lease expect it, this is why we like to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. On top of this we like to make sure that your new boiler installation is affordable.

By installing a new replacement boiler into your home you can cut the cost of your energy bills by up to 50% and make your property more energy efficient. A new replacement boiler can save you over £350 a year off your bills. This means that your new boiler installation could pay for itself in just a few years with the savings that you make.

The price comparison process that we offer is 100% free and you have no obligation to purchase anything. Simply tell us your boiler or heating requirements by filling the short form at the top of this page. We will then match your requirements with our approved and trusted partners in your local area and request prices from them for you. We will give you the prices in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to compare. We also provide you with information about each separate company so that you can make an informed decision about if you would like to choose any of the companies that we have supplied you prices from.

If you want to use our free online service and compare 100% free and no obligation prices from well known, trusted and approved boiler installers then simply fill in the form at the top of this page with your requirements.